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For the life of us, we cannot understand what" True In Chapter vi., one of the new chapters, on sympatlietic inflammation of the eyeball," abscission" is recommended in preference to" extirpation." The author says," even a dose button of collapsed tissues is far better than none, and a slightly reduced eyeball is vastly superior to an empty orbit." We agree with him so far; but in extirpation of the globe it is not necessary to empty the orbit. Neutral salts, which some practitioners think may be made to replace indifl"erently the vegetable preparations, have the inconvenience of only acting in considerable doses; and the causmg an eczematous patient to take every two days an ounce of sulphate of soda, of potash, or of magnesia, wLU irritate the intestine, while the absorption of these salts and their transference into the circulation will place him in precisely the condition of excitement which we seek to avoid by prescribing a simple and unstimulating diet: injection. Headache, vomiting, and retraction of the muscles of the back of the neck, the last being less marked than in with cerebrospinal fever. The towns of Scotland were very anxious that their drug sanitary arrangements should be incorporated with the Burgh Police Acts. Effects - we it is certain that the refreshment derived from a certain amount of sleep is as necessary to the mental and bodily vigour of seamen and soldiers, as the refreshment derived from a certain amount of food and drink.


Agaiu.st small-pox, we have, in vaccination, an obvious and efficient cost protection. In doubtful cases, the best method of investigation and is to slice off a portion of the growth, examine it microscopically, and let the histological evidence thua obtained decide its true nature, which the naked eye could never With regard to the particular operation which we should perform, according as the removal is to be partial or complete, and next how it is to be done, the lecturer adhered to the method suggested by Mr. Their low length of Ufe in animals is unknown. One case was reported well after a sufficient interval: arthritis. The Conseryative radical Mastoid Operation first brought to general attention by Heath is beginning of to have numerous advocates; one of excavation, conservative of the tympanic membrane and the ossicles, may be performed in a sufficiently large number of non-deaf otorrhoeics, well selected from the otoscopic and hearing points of view, even when the tympanum may not be absolutely intact, provided they fulfil the following conditions: no serious destructive lesions of the tympanum and attic, no cholesteatoma, no labyrinthine disturbances, good aerial hearing, Rinne test positive, Gelle test positive. Feeling these objections, I designed a little ajiparatus, which I have recommended to my patients for a great many years, and which I wiU briefly An abdominal sujjport is to be made of two layers of thick calico; it is to be open behind, where some strings or a lace should be placed; the body must have several cords of stout bobbin drawn between the layers from top to bottom, to prevent folding; and, in the part which covers the umbilicus, a pocket wards, is to be formed, which is to receive a square of gutta percha, about the thickness of moderately stout tapping leather, with the edges pared or rounded by a file; a few stitches may then be made to keep the pocket closed (abortion). The subcutaneous or submucous tubercle, and the flat moist condyloma, mutually exclude each other (pregnancy).

The uterus has a median trunk with lateral branches, which may be seen folic when the segment is lightly pressed between glass plates. The ectopic patient made an excellent recovery. This localization has been observed in infants in connection with ophthalmia neonatorum and in young children in whom gonorrhoea is common as the result of accidental infection by acid towels or clothing, or of vicious practices. It appears, therefore, that injections the general and extensive infiltration might have made up for the wasting which must have beoii at work. Its side details are so full as to make it easy of have his memory refreshed, and his judgment and reason exercised by the use of it.

The exanthemata, especially measles and varicella, may be associated with where enteric fever. That pus can pass into the veins by direct absorption through their coats is rheumatoid impossible; the idea of haemorrhage by exhalation has been abandoned; the doctrine of pyasmia by inhalation is equally untenable. After the first operation, there was teuiporary improvement, but, after the last, grave symptoms ensued; and it cannot be doubted that the result was hastened by the operation." From long the physiological, experimental, and clinical evidence combined, the following conclusions may be drawn. " The cancer blades, when closed, form a stem not larger than an ordinary uterine sound. Lewis has reported cases observed in Philadelphia, where therapy I have also seen a niunber. Chloroform Bottle THESE are elastic Bandages fitted with a loop for the foot, and fastened at the top with The advantage is that the V-""' bandages are quickly adjusted, and always They require no measurements or fitting, and are only about Profession that they collect and pasteurize Sea Water according to the method advised by Dr: for. In speaking take of Diagnosis, the author treats in two chapters of what ho calls"Negative Principles"; the aim of which is to earliest and most exact diagnosis, taking as illustrations fracture, aneurism, and dislocation. I remember a conversation which I had with Professor Bardeleben of "psoriatic" Greifswald, on the repeated use of bandages. Sappey, which exist on the under surface of the diaphragm, and upon the inner surface of the epigastric portion of in the abdominal wall, and which pass to the liver between the folds The enlarfjement of these vessels is stated to be of the utmost importance in cirrhotic degeneration. Inspection may also reveal tumors, a protruding hernia, fulness in the hernial tracts, we and the scars of abdominal operations which an intestinal tube above a stenosis is easily appreciated.

Professor ton Pettenkofer said that, by the assumption that the comma-bacillus, or Emmerich's bacillus, was the cause of cholera, many facts proved bv experience remained unexplained, as the latency of time mg and locality. On scraping off tablets this matter, the mucous membrane looked dark and congested. " In the context, how the decrease in French garrisons is very important. To - he has watched organic decomposing substances, and found that they give rise to the lowest imaginable and the smallest visible germs.

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