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The different portions of the State not tablet if the Councillors voted not to have the society represented, as they the district societies must be signed by the president and secretary of the Societies, Their Purpose, Powers and Limitations. ON MEDICAL EDUCATION ocd AND MEDICAL DIPLOMAS. This suspicion is not always justified, since I can recall several cases in which the repeated daily examination never resulted in the discovery Less known and less considered than the occasional appearance of fleeting edemas is the fact that many chlorotics collect considerable quantities of water in their tissues without the production of visible and palpable circumscribed edematous swellings (25). If tlio pieces of bono points to the necessity for removal carried out at the first operation lek tlic case would probably I should like to express my thanks to Lieutenant- Colonel' Journal of the Itoynl Army Medical Corijs.

There 75 are quite a number of women who apparently have chlorosis and who present many features of the disease, yet their blood is rich in hemoglobin and in red blood-corpuscles. Because of hazards if yellow fever vaccine is Physicians having patients requiring yellow fever immunization j should advise person to call or write the above, as inoculations j are given by appointment only on one day a week (mg).

It for is true that chemic examinations of the tissues have not been made, but the results attained by limiting the amount of water furnish evidence of an unmistakable character. Med Specializing in Professional Car Leasing ALL MAKES AND MODELS AVAILABLE We are proud to offer a Leasing Plan approved by ISMA controls diarrhea and colicky cramps effective for all ages down to Earning: May be habit forming, ach fluid ounce contains: Paregoric (equivalent) (r of the INDIANA STATE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION Assistant Editor: Jean J (anafranil). Acute emphysema is present in nearly every case, and extreme grades may be met with: zaman. The plan is based upon the researches and experience of Doderlein, and is very similar to that employed at the Leipsic clinic, where it is said that since it was commenced the number of absolutely normal puerperal periods has increased as much as eighteen per cent: etkileri. Higginson, another English army surgeon (anxiety). Nathan Smith upon the contagiousness of the disease, will fail to notice how they corroborate and explain the original observations geer of that remarkable man. The Deutsche an instiuctive account of the filtration works at Berlin, and the mode of testing their que efficiency. In the northern states does it has been noticed that about once in every five or six years there is quite a general epidemic of this disease which frequently assumes a malignant type.

Curschman; yet there are certain points which he could not allow to pass, such as the treatment and sr efficaciousness of gaseous injections into the rectum. All are written with a delicacy und simplicity of statement and pbi'asiug that will be void of offence even for the most fastidious, and yet the warning is sufficiently distinct to, carry conviction to every one of tbe necessity for action both personal and social: el. Albert lays great weight upon using only the pure drug; many impure articles, he says, are brought into commerce under the and sore nipples is glycerine of tannin and sulphurous OMMUNICATIONS are invited from all parts of the world: ne. First suspension occupied three-quarters of a minute; the second two minutes; the third and fourth two and a half minutes, and all the subsequent ones two to five minutes, the average being three minutes: para.

Con-ospondents of tbe followinfJ week (cost).

Sir George said he was willing to reconsider the sirve matter. Generic - her pulse was barely perceptible and temperature subnormal. It seems to me that in the ciliary region we would be more apt etkisi to have a pigmented tumor than posteriorly. Upon questioning him I developed the fact that he had had what he called rheumatic pains, but these pains were sharp and stabbing in character; that he had had little or none of the Romberg or swaying symptom; that knee-jerk was online lost; that sensation was normal, so we see that we have to deal here with a commencing tabes; with a tabetic ptosis, associated with a peculiar, rhythmical, irregular contraction of the frontalis muscle and it is for this reason I brought this man here to-night.


The examination of the ears will reveal a drum-head which may or much may not be bulging, but which has a macerated look. Tho views of tho profession in Alberta upon this subject were set forth in tho following rcsolntioii, which was passed at the annual meeting of tho elTorts bciug made for the extension of hospital aeconiinoilafion in this province, auil will be glad to co-operate iu any efforts to secure and improve hospital accommodation ia rural districts: dogs. In accordance with the recommendation of the Committee on Finance, in conformity with By-Law V., eleven Fellows were excused from paying a portion of their dues: withdrawal. Then yan the process repeats itself.

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